Fritzy Bros. Inc. is not a talent agency but loves lining up the perfect talent for the event that you’re planning. Listed here are some of those talents that Fritz has partnered up with and enjoys giving them referrals. Also if you have a talent and would like to be referred, please get in touch with us.

Stilt Walkers

Stilt WalkersIf you’re looking for a big way to draw attention to your grand opening, parade or picnic a stilt walker just might be what you’re looking for. We’ve also had clients hire us to crash boring meetings just to help to let them know that things are lookin’ up!




Clowns“Everyone loves a clown!” Although this statement may not be true because of some movies that have had some people change their minds about their feelings toward clowns we only refer professional clowns that have gone to school, know how to put makeup on correctly and are trained to put on true smiles on peoples faces. Shown here is Rainbow the Clown!



MusiciansPiano players for weddings and receptions who can use a keyboard or bring the whole baby grand on the beach for a beach wedding! (Baby Grand In The Sand) Dixie Land All Stars, German Polka Bands, Stringed Quartets and even strolling musicians of every kind. Yes, I even refer a harpist!



Strolling Performers

Bronze Statue Living Statues who can stand still for 45 minutes without blinking, but coming alive is when the fun gets started. Startling customers really gets a crowd gathered for the next victim. Charlie Chaplin look- a -like. Loud Italian Chefs for the Spaghetti parties. Yes, even a walking ventriloquist act!


Balloon Sculpting

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Other Talents

Fire EatingWhat you see here may not be what you’re thinking about. Don’t let that keep you from contacting us. We are constantly running into new acts that are clean performers so you don’t have to worry about an offensive comment or remark. Fire eating, tight rope walking, free climbing ladder acts, magicians, caricature artists, cowboys, Santas, elves, super heroes and yes we have even designed a few characters for theme parties. Call as now and get that event planned.